This beautiful video is the work of:

Director: Catarina Amaro
Editing: Jesus Roque and Catarina Amaro
Music: "Caracol da Graça" by Fol&ar
Just capture the moment.
Write it down.
Take a picture.
Share that fragment with the world and leave a memory.
Your memory.
Think your life through images.
Put your best moments in words.
Live to the fullest.
Seize the moment.
Share your memories.
Capture the moment.
Type your memories.
Make a path.
Because the more intense is your life,
the more memorable it will be!
Travel all over the world through other people's experiences.
Share yours, be an inspiration!
Live the moment.
Capture your emotions.
Share your memories.
That's how they become meaningful to others and eternal for you.
No matter where you were born, you had a childhood.
No matter how old you are, you do get nostalgic sometimes.
Live the moments to the fullest and capture them.
Travel through the memories of people you don't know, who have feelings you know, but see the world in a way you have never seen.
Get inspired and create.
Capture the moment, share your memories, eternalize your emotions!